These lamps are instruments of light that play glass’ spectrum of fragility– from delicate to nerve wracking. They use a range of techniques, from old stained glass work to current bong making. They are in large part born of a devotion to amplifying glass’ presence in our lives in the form of color, luminosity and intensity.

There are six models, with variations in each:
Sconce, really a way to outfit a simple light bulb in a colored glass composition. These are made as singular pieces, pairs, or as a series. Hanging Lamp, are composed of glass pipe tubes in angular patterns; their basic module is a triangle but they multiply in size and shape. Glass Box Sconce, acts more like a painting that is lit from within; the images these sconces hold and the shapes they take are riffs on specific architectural sites. These are made in singular and series form.
Praying Mantis Corner Pieces, comes with a modular system which can crawl as far up or down a corner as desired.
Glass Flashlight (and holder), the most useless “preparedness” item you’ll ever need.
Nightlight, part light part paintings, these are individual pieces which hang in a variety of ways.

Olivia Booth is an artist who lives, works, and teaches in Los Angeles. She moves between making paintings, sculptures and installations using glass, and, now, making lamps. She received a graduate degree from Art Center College of Design and has shown in various galleries in Los Angeles.

Cagetower, 2006, a week long event of glass, paint and a repurposed sign post in Hollywood.